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August 19th, 2015

TrentWalton I’m working on a great new idea for my blog comments:

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Apple Music taugt nicht für mich, außer dass es stabil über AirPlay läuft. Spotify stottert nur rum. Schon seltsam. Netzneutralität inhouse.

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@__degers 1. keine Option weil Firmenrechner (sonst hätte ich ja kein WIN) 2. Glaube ich nicht, dass das Scannen von Haus aus geht.

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Can’t close unwanted feedback form. Type bullshit. Finish installation online. WAIT WHAT? Close window.
Yeah, now I can scan with my device.

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use assistant.Click several allowances. Doesn’t work. Download driver completely. Unselect bullshit. Click >10 times.

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OSX: Found Printer, may I install?
WIN: Navigate to settings->printers->add->find printer->install. Cannot scan. Go to website, find driver,

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