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June 13th, 2016

Half an hour dense feature presentation and now they bore the 💩 out of me for an hour.

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Wasn’t a „Lock” screen supposed to lock the phone? Seems I can even unlock my door without unlocking it. So many possibilities for thieves.

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The new typo is so bold I just read „Fuck you”.

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peterc I’ve had a kid be conceived, born, and start school since the last time Apple released a new monitor.

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britishgaming Take me down to the Parallax City where the far moves slow and the near moves quickly

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One hour left for new hardware. Please.

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„Siri, show me great web design.” Drag & Drop into your editor and you’re done. Future.

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Eddie should switch to the watchOS health app team and not only lying on the couch testing tvOS.

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@Pinboard Even your heart beats wrong. Thank god you can be reminded of that by your friends. Future.

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Show all your friends how fast your heart beats lying on the sofa. Amazing.

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Pinboard With Scribble, you can draw out letters to type a message, like a castaway scratching out HELP ME on a lonely beach

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@lrsbck @phlp naja, der sitzt in _seinem_ Büro, ich in ner Schuhschachtel bei der Telekom.

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Projekt-WLAN ist so mies, hier läuft nicht mal der Stream stabil. Ich kann so nicht arbeiten!

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Sven_G Ich würde gern nach der Apple Keynote gröhlend und besoffen durch die Stadt ziehen und mich mit Samsung Fans prügeln, wer ist dabei?

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@bkastl Bei den Rasierern wiederum ist der „weibliche” – technisch identische – oft nen Euro teurer.

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