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September 4th, 2018

@marcthiele If you never connected to them my best guess is your own wifi (guest) to which you perhaps once connect…

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@marcthiele Sure, if you haven’t ever connected to them you cannot remove them from your list. They are just „there…

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@marcthiele Yeah, same with my repeater. Problem is the iPhone doesn’t doesn’t let you prioritize the wifis (in con…

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@marcthiele @Apple @AppleSupport 3. Try switching channels of your wifi, perhaps again neighbors even without conne…

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@marcthiele @Apple @AppleSupport 2.) Is it a 5G? Connection seems to take longer to establish and in general less s…

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@marcthiele Some observations from my home:

1.) I also have my neighbors’ wifi in my list, iPhone tends to connec…

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@FabianBeiner Find das auch eher so lala.

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ThatEricAlper Fun Fact: The couple featured on Woodstock’s album cover, Nick & Bobbi Ercoline, are still married after 49 years.

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@g16n @maddesigns Hab noch keine Ahnung von grid, von daher würde ich am ehesten mal dort schauen.

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