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Schreit Ihr auch manchmal den Linter an, er soll sich mal nicht so haben?

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margin-self: auto;

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@dickelippe Sonne aufm Display hilft nicht viel 😉

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Mama, ich werd professioneller Bootcamper.

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@closingtag Happy Birthday Robert 🎂 Sehen uns in Ddorf?

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@vuejs @youyuxi while those Carbon images for code snippets are looking fancy and all I’d suggest to have at…3r

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hirojin my work-day summarised:

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@jkphl @foobartel „what”, are, „you”; talking about?

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@MarcoZehe Happy Birthday Marco! Lass es Dir gut gehen 🎂 🎁 🎈

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@yellowled Startup-Idee: Meme-Filter anhand der verwendeten Grafik. Uuund direkt verworfen weil das Tweetbot oder…Bk

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@thomasfuchs Good thing was first scrolling down the page to see that there are 56 steps. Not counting the 56…dE

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@thomasfuchs I ended up with about 7 sheets of paper where i circled the screws and parts numbered by the iFixit…hx

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Der Deltaradio Alternative Stream ist übrigens ziemlich perfekt.…

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